A Primer on Positive Self-Talk

One of the things I’ve been working on recently is banishing negative thoughts, and replacing them with positive self-talk. Being more mindful of toxic thought patterns has allowed me to live more peacefully and pro-actively. Sure, I still have a lot further to go, but it’s alright because I’m getting there. Negative thinking is such a common habit among many of us, whether you have a psychiatric disorder or not. Outside factors such as other people, job stress, school, society, and media can plant negativity in our minds, which then manifests into self damage and sabotage. Below is a pretty good infograph depicting this way of thinking, and how to turn it around into positive self-talk.


Rebirth – a Poem About Starting Over

I wrote this in reflection of starting fresh and erasing negativity, and then how life intercepts our purity, thus shaping how we think and live. I’ve been working on personal empowerment.


She said I’m emo.

I said I’m thirty.

He said I’m brilliant.

I said I’m fed up.

They said I’m slipping.

I said I’ve resurfaced.

I look in the mirror and laugh at the irony.

Unclothed and pure, I bathe in all that keeps me afloat.

Every sense is heightened and I’m so much more aware.

You insist I’m slipping.

I declare I’ve resurfaced.

She said I’m out of hand.

I said show me.

They said I’m crazy.

I said thank you.

This time I listen hard and a fresh melody appears.

I’m vulnerable and young, with a delicate perspective.

I’m given a new set of nerves, and life so strongly caresses each one,

while stripping me of my new found naivety, leaving me to desire more.