When Boredom Makes You Lose It

Blasé, bored, mundane. 
Everyday the same.
I think I’ll go insane.
But just myself to blame.
Sugar dripping in the rain.
Porcelain robot I became.
Stimulate a thirsty brain.
Force fed back into the game.
Trading glitter for cocaine.
Imagination taking aim.
Disenchanted I sustain.
Listless hours ought to shame.
Unamused, dried to pain.
Chaos spikes a dull mind-frame.
Boredom has me on a chain.
Slaving to a world so tame.


So Bored I Might Combust

I’m in between moods right now and suffering from extreme boredom. It’s difficult to explain my current state but if you imagine what it feels like to lie down naked on concrete, then you might be close. It’s such an uncomfortable state to be in, this boredom. There isn’t anything to do and all of the options of potential activity seem nothing short of dull. I need mental stimulation or I might shrivel up and expire. It’s been this way all day and it’s bringing me down. Why can’t I be content to watch a movie or read a book? I have attempted both and my interest did not fare well. I land in these moods often, but not usually for an entire day. I am truly bored of being bored.