Life Goes On, Even When No One Gives a Shit

Surely, you all have forgotten about me. Worse yet, you think I have forgotten you. Or even worse, you think I couldn’t handle the commitment of a blog and I simply gave up. I assure you this 4 month hiatus has resulted in none of the above. I intend to fulfill the promises I keep making to the Nectar Madness Facebook page, and spit out some new posts. I could sit here and give you a list of what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been writing, but that’s damn boring. So instead let’s pick it up where we left off. God knows my head is spinning something crazy and I have plenty to jabber on about. Plus, this new WP layout looks like an interesting new toy.

Thanks for reading. Oh & Happy New Year!

Bla bla blog

3 thoughts on “Life Goes On, Even When No One Gives a Shit

  1. Reblogged this on My Bipolar Life and commented:
    Isolation is one of the burdens that many mentally ill people have to carry. We are often socially awkward and isolate ourselves do to feeling so crappy.

    • Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I’ve been here for awhile, but just took a break for a few months. I’ll have to check out your blog 🙂
      nec•tar. n. a sweet secretion that is attractive and delicious; that of femininity
      mad•ness. n. the quality or condition of being insane
      sa•pi•ence. n. rich in wisdom, experience, judgement, prose and insight

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