The Time My Mania Impulsively Bought A Hot Rod

I was nineteen and in the early years of my bipolar diagnosis. I was old enough to know better and young enough not to care. And I was manic. I held a part time job, went to community college, and drove a perfectly fine car for a young person. But I was bored. I was always bored. I stumbled across a photo of a bad ass hot rod in the paper, and decided I had to have it. This vehicle was a Cougar with custom leather seats, bright blue velour upholstery, custom airbrush graphics of skulls on the interior panels, under carriage lights, a chrome skull on the grill, and was lowered two inches. This tinted-window beauty was a retired show car, also the winner of over fifteen trophies, and named ‘Car of the year’ by Hot Rod Magazine. Amid the purple and blue flames on the body, was a tiny grim reaper, and beside him read the air brushed slogan “Evil shouldn’t look this good”. The name of the car was also printed on the back, “Wicked”.  I know it sounds cheesy as hell. But back in the day, it was hot.

I immediately drove the hour to Wicked’s home, and took her for a long test drive. The sound system was kickin; the breeze in my hair. I fell in love with the chrome rims and skull shaped shifter. The owner even threw in a matching lighter.

Boom. I handed him a fat wad of cash. It was everything I had won from a lawsuit the previous year, probably in savings for a reason. But who cares?  Wicked was mine!

I drove her home, feeling the biggest rush. I could sense everyone on the road looking in my direction. This car was hot. It made me hot.

When I showed my mother, whom I was sharing an apartment with at the time, she was in shock. She reminded me that I already had a car and didn’t need two. She couldn’t believe I’d spent all my money. While she made an effort to be happy for me, looking back, I can see she was uncertain it was the best idea.

I was in love with the attention I got. This was exactly what I needed to fuel my manic high. There was no other vehicle like this on the road. I was unique. And very grandiose.

I landed myself a fair share of tickets over time. It got backed into once, causing some damage. It had also been broken into on multiple occasions. The car was even stolen once, but oddly, I found it myself. While Wicked was beautiful (and the exact drug i needed), I wasn’t able to take proper care of her and ended up selling her to a drunk guy in the dark.

Have you ever made an impulsively large purchase while manic? 


12 thoughts on “The Time My Mania Impulsively Bought A Hot Rod

  1. Stumbled on this randomly saw the pic and thought, Hey I know that car! Kinda like driving down the street and seeing it in the turn lane in front of you wondering how it got there 😉
    I actually saw it again about a year ago I think driving down the freeway. I know off topic and hope I’m not imposing. Good to see you are well.

    • Wow hello. A little puzzling how you found my bp blog lol. I can’t believe you saw the car on the road! Anyway, yes I’m well. I hope you are as well. Is there another form of social media where I can find you?

      • yes I am on Facebook, I tried to find you on there a couple years ago but had no luck. I should be easy to find. If not, shoot me an email

  2. I’m happy to say I had the foresight to put my wife in charge of the finances and her solid spirit curbed my manic spending sprees. About the worst I did was run up my tab on unnecessary junk food each time I stopped for gas.

    • Yes! My wife is our financial manager too- for good reason. It really is important to have someone who can take on the responsibility in the case that we should not. Most of my crazy spending took place in my late teens & early 20’s, before I was married. And I’m not going to lie, a junk food spree sounds pretty darn good right now!

  3. I have had three manic episodes but have yet to impulsively buy things while manic. (Hopefully I never will!) I hope you are feeling better by the way!

    • Hi Kylie. Thanks for stopping by! You are fortunate to have not made irresponsible purchases while manic. My vehicle purchase was over 10 years ago, but I have many other manic experiences that will, no doubt, come up on here. I am feeling hopeful about my recent instability, so that is a good thing. Thank you for checking in 🙂 I hope you are well!

  4. It is awesome.! I have frittered away thousands on alcohol and pretty useless stuff whilst manic though would have preferred to have a car to show for it rather than a massive credit card debt and big hangovers!

    • Why thank you lol. Yes the car was fun and definitely an unwise decision. But it’s funny now. And believe me, I have spent my share on alcohol (and other substances…) when in manic states! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Lol thanks! I see you can relate in the spending habits. It’s fun to look back and laugh at the choices made in less stable mindsets. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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