Bam! Now I’m Irritable!


Do you ever just suddenly get super irritable for no apparent reason? Yeah that’s me right now. Hope it goes away before my wife wakes up so I’m not a total pain in the ass to deal with. Meh.

15 thoughts on “Bam! Now I’m Irritable!

  1. I know the feeling! I hope your wife is understanding about that. But remember that she can’t keep from irritating you if you don’t tell her you’re in a mood! You and I both know that even then it is still easy to make that bipolar monster mad.

  2. All.the.time!
    It’s like a switch flicked in my brain to make everything irritate me. The noise of outside, the feel of my clothes, the smell of my surroundings. Nothing feels right.
    I hope you manage to clear it soon, it’s pretty miserable.

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