Diamond In The Rough, A Poem

One of the toughest challenges for those with mental illness is maintaining relationships. It takes extra effort and compassion. I am lucky to be married to a strong, amazing woman. This poem is in tribute to that part of my marriage.

Diamond In The Rough

Driving alone, I love the dark.

I take the freeway to your heart.

Breathe my dust into your lungs,

A gentle scratch and we are done.

My blood is bitter; you taste sweet.

You watched me shatter on the street.

Was that in vain?

Am I still stable?

Think it’s time to cut my cable.

A glittered sundown with a barren tomorrow,

I fill your being with elated sorrow.

Did you yell?

Or cry it out?

Polluted words flee my mouth.

You inhale this whirlwind even still,

Through hazy hearts, I feel your will.

Am I the diamond in your rough?

Let me know when it’s enough.


2 thoughts on “Diamond In The Rough, A Poem

  1. wow, i’m glad i found this poem of yours. it’s so easy to relate. i never thought about just how hard it has been for me to maintain relationships. cause of the depression, i feel guilt, so i try and stay away from people so i don’t hurt them. anyway, thanks for sharing this! nice work, keep it up

    • Thank you so much for reading it. Yes, relationships can seem impossible sometimes because of the Bipolar. For me, it’s mania & psychosis that affects others. I hope you don’t hold yourself back too much, for everyone needs someone to connect with 🙂

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