So Bored I Might Combust

I’m in between moods right now and suffering from extreme boredom. It’s difficult to explain my current state but if you imagine what it feels like to lie down naked on concrete, then you might be close. It’s such an uncomfortable state to be in, this boredom. There isn’t anything to do and all of the options of potential activity seem nothing short of dull. I need mental stimulation or I might shrivel up and expire. It’s been this way all day and it’s bringing me down. Why can’t I be content to watch a movie or read a book? I have attempted both and my interest did not fare well. I land in these moods often, but not usually for an entire day. I am truly bored of being bored.

2 thoughts on “So Bored I Might Combust

  1. I think you perfectly summed up here some thought processes I go through often that I’ve never been able to articulate. It was actually very insightful for looking at my own issues with lack of stimuli. I tend to fall into this place very easily and the way which you describe it like lying on concrete might appear an odd thing to imagine to some but I actually could almost automatically feel that sensation.

    Also, this is a really great example of mindfulness! Not many people would be able to describe this feeling and I think a lot of people with various mental health issues can identify this sensation better through your observations and I know I will be more mindful of it in my life and think of this when I do!

    I’m very much enjoying some of the recent blogs like yours that I’ve come across, you’re inspiring me to consider writing a dedicated BP blog.

    • I’m so very glad you enjoyed it & that you understood where I was coming from. Your words are too kind and I hope you will follow & stay tuned. That’s great you are interested in writing, as well.

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