7 thoughts on “Some Facts About Bipolar Disorder

  1. While infographics are great for getting messages across, and as someone who has been diagnosed BP1 over half her life, I want to warn about one aspect of this one: the creativity section is all well and good, but for perspective…

    Poe can be seen as a very dark, horror writer; Van Gogh (debated he actually had epilepsy) is notoriously shamed for his mental health issues and died via suicide by gun; at the very end of Hemingway’s life he was notedly paranoid, went through failed ECT, and ultimately committed suicide with a gun; and while I love RD Jr. he has had a notorious issue with substance abuse and rehab before his career took on a new second life. I love all of these people as artists, Hemingway in particular, but it seems that while reminding people of some famous BPs we might conotate some negative opinion by who we choose.

    It doesn’t discredit their creativity or our ability to connect with them for being BP, but in an infographic meant to decrease stigma it can be argued that people take their associations with those people and internalize them as facets about BP in general. Just a thought.

  2. The Goodwin and Jamison book is often used as a textbook and is not an easy read. Two excellent books by Kay Redfield Jamison are “An Unquiet Mind,” and “Touched by Fire.”
    There are actually 4 types of bipolar disorder: bipolar I, bipolar II, bipolar NOS, and the drug-induced type (I call it the “Jane Pauley” type). Usually steroids are the culprit for the drug-induced type.
    Great graphic!

  3. Educate myself? With that in mind I’m intending to get myself Goodwin and Jamison’s Manic Depressive Illness for xmas ~~ it’s supposed to be by far the best book of its kind on the subject 🙂

    • For sure. I’d be more impressed by Healthline if they’d bothered to mention that there are two distinct versions of bipolar.

      But it’s a nice graphic overall, and anything that helps increase awareness is good, right?

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