Relationship with My Disorder

Do you ever feel like you have a relationship with your illness? I mean, it’s a part of us for life, we are constantly reminded of it, and it’s something we have to monitor for changes. We can have bad times and good time with our illness. We know the temperament and the triggers. Indeed, this is a relationship. On that note, I wrote a little poem directly relating to the relationship.

Another day,

Incorrigible way.

Wish I could say,

Or at least relay,

Thoughts kept at bay.

Come now what may.

I’ll sit and pray

For you to stay.

Instead you lay

On a silver tray.

Watching as they

Devour their prey.

Expect me to pay.

Then we must stray.

When apart, we fray.

Apathy’s final spray,

So take me away.

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