4 thoughts on “NAMI Public Service Announcement

  1. @ jinnah i do not struggle with a this mental illness but I do not agree with what u are saying! In no way did this imply any of those things to me! As I watched this it made me take a second look at how many people really do struggle and you have no idea! How much can be achieved despite the illness being such a roller coaster of events in every part of the lives of people who do suffer from it or have a loved one that does! I think it was inspiration and acknowledgement! But that’s just how I felt everyone had their own perception!

    • I think you are right & I think Jinnah’s point of view was more along the lines of the ad implying that BP can go into remission… but it doesn’t- it’s a lifelong illness & you can’t literally beat it. See my reply to that comment for more of my perspective of winning.

  2. I am of mixed feelings about the ad. Good to know that major leaders can have mental illnesses. Not so sure I like the ‘win’ part. Implies that we can get past being mentally ill and move on in our lives, instead of having to manage it for the rest of our lives.

    And it sends the wrong message to people without mental illnesses. I can see someone saying to me “Why can’t you just fix this” with the implication that somehow it’s all my fault that I haven’t gotten over being mentally ill.

    Would have preferred ‘were successful in spite of having to cope with mental illness’. Though I suppose it’s not quite as good a sound bite.

    • Jinnah- I see your point about the winning. To me, managing is a new battle each day- some days easier than others, some days much more difficult. Winning is a daily victory in a personal war. You have to win each battle, one at a time, in order for achievements to take place at an individual level of greatness, like these leaders represented in the ad.

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