Dream Killers & Self-Sabotage


Do you ever feel like you’re letting your tribulations get the best of you? Even when you recognize this behavior pattern and you know better? It’s tough sometimes when you have bipolar disorder or depression and you can see that you self-sabotage something good in your life, something that is working FOR you, as opposed to working AGAINST you. Why do we do this self-sabotaging?

Well there are many reasons we self-sabotage. To begin, we are scared. Scared of failure, of course, but also scared of success. If we are used to failing, and there is a chance we might succeed or win, that notion of stepping out of our element, into a new territory, is frightening. It’s uncomfortable. It also feels very vulnerable.

For those of us dealing with bipolar disorder, we know how quickly positive things can become unraveled. We might allow ourselves to go after what we want. If we’re manic, we might gather what we want and then some! But then sometimes there is that familiar pattern of taking something that is so beautiful and precious which we have acquired, earned, or won, and then in an instant- we destroy its very existence, leaving us alone or into a downward spiral of despair and aftermath.

These experiences prevent us from going after our dreams or making new, positive goals. I know I struggle with finding my passion, my dreams. I, like many others tangled in the twines of the manic and the depressive minds, becomes unsure of what is real and what isn’t real. Every day I work a little harder to achieve greatness, and to chase those dreams.

This image is something I found inspiring and motivating. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Dream Killers & Self-Sabotage

  1. I know that we’ll succeed in our dreams. It just takes a little longer than most people. I agree with feeling vulnerable, but we DO get what we are looking for. We just gotta trust, even when the odds seem against us.

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